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{{Project}} Upcycling Furniture :: "Pankaja" Side Tables
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InstaBlog :: Already planning the next project
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Home Decor Ideas :: Pink, Grey and Gold
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Design5 Studio started in 2006 out of my love for creating 'functional' design. I create 'eco-whimsical' decoupaged wooden home decor accessories out of eco-friendly wood. This wood is laser cut into perfect shapes to make Keepsake Boxes, Wall/Table Clocks, Trays/Drawer Organizers, Coasters, Wind Mobiles etc. All Design5 products are handmade by me! Design5 products are available at various e-stores and also in some retail stores across India. At Design5, i love doing customized decoupaged products and always happy to work on something new and exciting. please feel free to contact me with any enquiries or comments, or just to say hello. i'd love to hear from you.